I still can’t believe Frankie gained 29 pounds like, WHERE THE FUCK DID IT ALL GO??




I love how karma works.
Zach trusted Frankie
Frankie trusted Caleb
Caleb trusted Derrick/Cody

Frankie got Zach evicted
Caleb got Frankie evicted
Derrick/Cody got Caleb evicted

And it actually ALL comes down to Derrick and Cody turning everyone against each other.

Don’t discredit Derrick by having that “and Cody” in there. Every decision and move was Derrick.

Cody made one good game move: putting all his eggs in Derrick’s basket.

No ones mad that Julie didn’t ask Caleb about his threats of physical violence to the other houseguests, his jokes about the holocaust, date rape, his transphobic views, his intolerance towards Islam, homophobia, or his racism towards the President of the United States?

Oh I guess only if your sister is famous do people want you to be berated and boo’d as soon as you exit a game show.

This kid (Jayden) challenges ZANKIE from big brother

I really hope Zach doesn’t break Frankie’s heart! It was so obvious that Frankie had fallen in love with Zach but seeing and reading him say it was so surreal.

Hopefully Zach doesn’t panic and stays calm. Once they’re out I also hope that the Hidden Valley Rance’s are on the good swing of their Frankie pendulum. Either way I hope they remain friends (or more!).

Zankie for Amazing Race!

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Wonder Woman Statue Sketch by Cliff Chiang

Love how Cliff blatantly had to tell DC not to fuck it up and objectify her.

"Do not sculpt separate breasts. No nail polish."


BB16: Physical Violence Threats!

OMG GUYS FRANKIE IS THE WORST MOST VILE HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET, he said he wanted to punch Nicole in the face even tho she said the same thing about him! I find it not only hypocritical but hysterical that the, “What they don’t show on TV- The egotistical Psychopath Frankie” video compilation (psychopath? haters clearly don’t know the definition lol) has twice as many views! Reveled their cards on that one lmfao!

I honestly think Zach will be really uncomfortable when he does those free interviews with the fan sites and they all try to goad him into saying shit about Frankie.

I don’t trust him enough not to do it, but I know if he does that there will be a lot of awkward and uncomfortable laughs on his part.

Me: Now that Frankie left the house the losers who said they’d stop watching when their fave got evicted will finally actually for real this time stop obsessing over him!

*2 minutes later*
*1 minute later*
*30 seconds later*
*5 seconds later*

I really do wish I was as passionate about something as these no-life’s are for Frankie! 🙏


Breathlessly waiting to see what the Rances’ response will be to tonight’s episode. Classy…..or not.

When have the rancids ever kept it classy

The announcer said Ariana’s brother to make a play on her single “Problem”.

Calm down, I know it’s what the trolls say but CBS doesn’t even acknowledge the obsessed minority’s existence.

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Hey everyone! America’s Favorite Houseguest poll just opened. Vote for your favorite houseguest to win each day up to 20 times!

Here’s hoping Frankie snags it 👍


Frankie got evicted!

I don’t care who the hell wins at this point. If Frankie didn’t win, I’m satisfied, and all the 12-15 year old Frankie fans that feel some type of way should go ahead and do their homework instead of worrying about me. *kisses*

Also, so glad they showed Zach during the luxury challenge, I miss him so much!

And here we have a typical Zach Stan in their natural environment.

Notice how they have attempted to get notes by tagging their hate with everything under the sun and still only managed to get 4 notes.

As per usual, they have decided to call everyone who disagrees with them children. It makes you wonder what type of adult would enjoy belittling children for being a fan of someone on a reality tv show.

And of course, their entire post had to do with their obsession with Frankie rather than anything else. A bit surprised there wasn’t a mention of people disagreeing with them not having seen big brother before.

If I ever become so obsessed with hatred for a reality show contestant that my biggest worry is that the one I’m obsessing over doesn’t win I give everyone permission to smash my tv and force me to go outside.

Anonymous asked: Can you explain the wonder women picture on your blog? Is this blog run by a female/male? You should be a lawyer on how you school the stupid so called Zach fans. Don't they know that these people are contained in a house where you can't even sing songs or some stupid voice will reprimand them. If people had cameras that record everything they say they will never be considered a saint. Who the fuck do these people think they are. Nobodys perfect 😚

1. I love Wonder Woman, favorite fictional character ever.

2. I’m a 21 year old man

3. I’m actually planning on going to law school after I get my BA lmfao

The stupidest part to me is how they write and do things that are ten times worse than Frankie has ever said. They send death threats to his friends and family, call him series of expletives, and obsess over his every move. Frankie is stuck in a house with a set amount of people and isn’t allowed to watch TV, go on the Internet, read, play board games, talk to his friends and loved ones, nothing! He is stressed and stir crazy and there are cameras on him 24/7. That’s why each and every single one of the Houseguests have said problematic things.

These trolls, however, are in a completely different situation. They’re behind a screen and can filter every single thing they say as well as simply choose to change the channel. They can go outside for a walk or talk to their friends on the phone but instead they choose to say stupid shit and freakishly obsess over someone on a reality tv show.