Ok, but think about it. If Frankie and Victoria had hit it off they way Zach and Frankie had, and people tried to convince everyone that Frankie was straight (opposite of what zankie stans are doing with Zach) because he had a close FRIENDSHIP with a straight girl, people would be flipping their shit. So stop trying to make straight people come out as gay. It’s literally the same thing as trying to convince gay people that they’re straight. You all are honestly delusional.

This post literally hit every single point that every single other shit post in this tag contains.

If we could make like a Zankie shit post bingo card I think delusional would be the free space.

I wonder what goes through their head like:


Anonymous asked: bye bitch

Hi bitch

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The funniest thing to me is if Zach really was “playing” Frankie then what the hell was going through his mind. Like…

"Got to intertwine our fingers together, one step close to 500k"
"Let me pull him onto me so he lies on my chest, man I can taste that cash!"
"If I slap Frankie’s butt enough I’ll definitely get that half mill"
"Yo if I tell Cody I wanna fuck Frankie up the ass no one will nominate me"

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Does anyone have an explanation/head canon for the “Zach knows everything” comment?

Maybe Zach knows everything in terms of Frankie’s feelings for him?

Like “Zach knows how I felt about him so if he didn’t act upon it and wanted to it’s his own fault”



Hey all you DELUSIONAL Zankie 12 year olds who only watch because of Ariana Grande!!!

Zach said he wanted to fuck Frankie AS A GAME MOVE!!!! GOD u guys r SO dumb!!!!

Then why would he say it to Cody and make Cody promise not to tell anyone?


*says delusional twenty times then posts stupid gif*

Hey all you DELUSIONAL Zankie 12 year olds who only watch because of Ariana Grande!!!

Zach said he wanted to fuck Frankie AS A GAME MOVE!!!! GOD u guys r SO dumb!!!!

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Ohmygod what Cody did was actually so rude tho

Did he really promise that? I know Zach said it when the livefeeds weren’t on so I can’t check if he promised not to tell.

So apparently now every single houseguest is delusional for even questioning Zach’s actions versus his words *eyeroll*

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u kno what she thinkin


u kno what she thinkin

Part of me wants Frankie to win because:
1. It would piss off all the Frankie haters, especially Zach’s douchey friend Drew
2. He’s my favorite in the house
3. He’s played a strong competitive and social game

And part of me wants Frankie to be evicted because:
1. He can sort things out with Zach in the jury house
2. I really want to see his exit interviews
3. The current houseguests bring out the worst in him

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People bashing Frankie by saying he initiated all the Zankie moments and that he was too aggressive.

Frankie didn’t even start out as aggressive. Frankie made it very clear that he never chases anyone and likes to be chased. During the Zankie HOH he even explicitly stated that he wanted Zach to make the first move. Frankie confided in Jocasta that he thinks Zach might be curious but that he probably wouldn’t act on it.

Frankie even confessed that he might be in love with Zach to Zach himself and Zach said he was in love with him as well although the way Zach said it was much less serious.

Frankie even subtly told Zach he had a crush on him by pretending to be Zach’s mom and saying that Frankie was talking about how much he loved Zach in the diary rooms.

As time went on Frankie grew more and more frustrated and tried to force Zach to make the first move. He did not start out as aggressive as he was by the time Zach was evicted.

And I honestly cannot blame him because Zach was giving such mixed signals to him and Frankie himself knew that he couldn’t have a serious one on one conversation with Zach with the cameras around (hence “I know how you feel when the cameras aren’t on”). One minute Zach would tell Frankie he wouldn’t mind if Frankie was naked next to him in bed and the next he says that Frankie is never going to able to “turn him gay”.

What the hell are you supposed to do? I would be SO conflicted if a straight guy was doing all these things with me.

But seriously, this is all under the pretense that Zach was “playing” Frankie the entire time. Zach is such a horrible liar he couldn’t even lie to Cody that Nicole was the one who told Victoria about the Detonators for over a second before coming clean. I think he’s obviously uncomfortable with the idea that millions of people are questioning the sexual identity that he’s had for his entire life.

Once again, I don’t understand WHY you’d want Zach to be playing Frankie because he would just be an all around shitty person to do something like that to someone when it has NOTHING to do with game.

Caleb constantly pushes Frankie away from him and it didn’t stop Frankie from using the Veto on him.

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Zach Stans coming in here insisting that Zach was faking every single moment with Frankie…

You realize that if you’re right, then Zach is just a fucking shitty person? Who the fuck does that to someone?

As a gay man, having someone play with my emotions on such a level into making me think something was romantic was going on or could possibly go on just for money would make me hate them. I would look like a fool on national television.

Zach stans fucking trash talk Frankie 24/7 for evicting him or commenting on his weight gain. Yet you think it’s perfectly okay for Zach to do something to Frankie that is completely unrelated to game in Frankie’s eyes and would really hurt Frankie as a person outside of Big Brother?


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